2022 December the Fifth Week Epen Technical Knowledge: Hydrodynamic sliding bearing for wind turbin

  • Schaeffler introduced a sliding bearing arrangement that supports planetary gears, further strengthening its market position in wind turbine gearbox bearing sol

Schaeffler introduced a sliding bearing arrangement that supports planetary gears, further strengthening its market position in wind turbine gearbox bearing solutions. Modern high-performance wind turbine transmissions are usually equipped with multiple planetary gears to cope with increasing torque conditions. At the recently held WindEnergy Hamburg, Germany, Schaeffler demonstrated advanced hydrodynamic sliding bearings. This series of sliding bearings can even help improve the power density of the gearbox in a very small installation space. The thickness of the copper sliding layer of the bearing is only a few millimeters, and it is directly coated on the surface of the journal of the planetary gear using additive manufacturing technology. The journal and sliding layer are bonded by chemical agents, with a service life of several decades.




Bearing design adopts comprehensive system concept

On the basis of the finite element simulation flow of the whole bearing system, Schaeffler uses the elastohydrodynamic (EHD) simulation tool to design the sliding bearing. The design process strives to achieve the effect of the thinnest lubricating film thickness and complete surface separation. In order to achieve zero wear conditions, Schaeffler has created a detailed technical design process for customers.





Leading the development trend of wind turbine gearbox

In order to solve the problem of increasing internal torque density of gears, one of the methods adopted by gearbox manufacturers is to increase the number of planetary gears at all levels. In this way, higher torque can be transmitted and conducted in the same level installation space. However, the rolling bearing solution has the problem of space size limitation, even though the planetary gear is small, it is still incompatible with applications. The diameter of the sliding bearing solution is relatively small, which has a decisive advantage in this respect.



The combination of copper bushing and planetary gear journal represents the latest level of current technology development. The modern additive manufacturing process is adopted to directly integrate the pin into the sliding bearing, which further promotes the development of this technology.


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