2022 November the Four Week EPEN Technical Knowledge: What is intelligent bearing? What are the char

  • We all have a strong curiosity about the coming era of high-tech intelligence. Can the scenario described be realized? At present, intelligence is a hot topic i

We all have a strong curiosity about the coming era of high-tech intelligence. Can the scenario described be realized? At present, intelligence is a hot topic in the political and industrial circles. What is intelligence? It is the attribute that things can actively meet people's various needs with the support of network, big data, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and other technologies.


As an important part of machinery, the bearing should also keep pace with the times and rush towards intelligent development.


What is intelligent bearing? Bearings are known as "joints of machines". Before defining intelligent bearings, let's explain "intelligent machines". There are also many explanations for intelligent machines, most of which are of future color. An intelligent machine is defined as a machine that uses sensors to monitor the environment and adjust its operation to complete specific tasks in an uncertain and volatile environment. Intelligent machine is a mechanical system that can realize self "care", but it does not mean that intelligent machine does not need maintenance (future dream), but uses its built-in intelligent program to detect potential problems and simplify maintenance intervals and programs.


Similarly, there are many definitions of intelligent bearings. The research team of Xi'an Jiaotong University in China defines it as: integrating sensing devices and regulating devices for different purposes on the basis of traditional bearings to form a unique bearing structural unit, and using information processing, automatic control and other technologies to achieve real-time online monitoring, fault detection and real-time state regulation of bearing operation.



Intelligent bearing is a system with the following characteristics:

1) Self sensing: multi-source service information collection and sensing devices such as speed, vibration, temperature, load and lubrication status are integrated based on micro sensor technology. The sensors are highly integrated, which can monitor and identify the service information of outer ring, inner ring, cage and even rolling body, with high information coverage; Because the sensor is directly integrated into the bearing body, the signal-to-noise ratio of the monitoring signal is high, and the abnormal condition of equipment and bearing can be found more sensitively and earlier.


2) Self decision-making: based on massive bearing service data, combined with big data and deep learning technology, extract the service information characteristics under the healthy state of the bearing, identify the current operating state and the trend of bearing historical data, evaluate the service health state of the bearing, and make early warning judgment for possible abnormal working conditions.


3) Self regulation: based on the monitoring, evaluation and diagnosis of the service state of the bearing, combined with the research on the service state mechanism of the rolling bearing, the service state of the rolling bearing is adjusted through the amount of lubricant, cooling parameters, pre tightening state and working conditions (such as speed and cutting amount), so as to improve the safety, reliability and predictability of maintenance of major equipment in service.


Since the 1980s, some brands have studied intelligent bearings (also known as sensor bearings), which are mainly used in automobile anti lock systems (ABS). Through the monitoring and analysis of bearing speed, temperature, vibration, load and other data, feedback is formed. Internationally renowned bearing companies have been making continuous progress in the research of intelligent bearings.


The wisdom of human beings is infinite. With the emergence of intelligent bearings, it means that industrial technology has risen to a higher level. The era of high-tech intelligence is not a dream. China is also actively conducting research, and college students are also constantly exploring. For bearings, the main target is the signal collection, monitoring and analysis of embedded intelligent bearings. I believe that after continuous trial and innovation, I am always ready to truly stand at the forefront of the industry when technological breakthroughs and application needs increase.


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