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  • The SKF Generalized Bearing Life Model (GBLM) concept and the process leading to extensions of its applicability to special bearing design features and material

The SKF Generalized Bearing Life Model (GBLM) concept and the process leading to extensions of its applicability to special bearing design features and materials has been successfully audited by the independent certification body DNV. This provides an independent proof that SKF solutions contribute to improved reliability. Examples of solutions evaluated by the GBLM will be presented at the AMB fair in September.


Calculating life expectancy and reliability of components are key when designing and building rotating machinery. Knowing the probability of failure and how to mitigate these will be even more important, not least since energy and raw material use is determined during the entire lifetime of the machine. 


SKF supports customers in this challenge by developing products for increased reliability. To be able to quantify these benefits, as well as the risks of failure in applications such as machine tools and wind turbines, SKF developed the Generalized Bearing Life Model (GBLM). The GBLM quantifies both the risk of traditional failures from sub-surface fatigue and the risk of surface-initiated failures.


DNV, one of the most important independent certification bodies in the world, has audited the quality process in general and provided a statement of compliance to the SKF GBLM concept in particular. In their statement, DNV confirms that the GBLM “can replace the corresponding ISO standards”. This means that by using the GBLM calculation model, customers get a better way to evaluate the reliability of their designed rotating machinery. It also provides an independent and quantifiable proof that new solutions developed by SKF will lead to significantly improved reliability. 


Bernie van Leeuwen, Director Research and Technology Development, says: “At SKF, we are convinced that the GBLM is the best way to calculate reliability. And with the certification from DNV, our customer can now rely on the fact that the GBLM is independently quality assured and that SKF solutions really contribute to increased reliability.”  


SKF will present solutions with benefits that have been evaluated using the DNV certified GBLM method at the AMB fair (hall C2, stand 2C30) in Stuttgart, Germany, from 13 to 17 September. These solutions contribute to improved reliability, performance and sustainability in machine tool applications.





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