2022 May the 4th Week Epen News Recommendation -NORD Presents Airport Technology at AAAE 2022

  • NORD DRIVESYSTEMS is bringing their future-ready drive solutions to the American Association of Airport Executives (AAAE) Conference and Exhibition June 5th &nd


NORD DRIVESYSTEMS is bringing their future-ready drive solutions to the American Association of Airport Executives (AAAE) Conference and Exhibition June 5th – 8th in Seattle, Washington. NORD delivers drive solutions for every application in baggage handling systems and their innovative products are utilized throughout airports worldwide. Whether at the check-in, sorting, high-speed transport, or baggage reclaim – NORD provides configurable drive systems to meet all requirements of every application. Their new generation of products including the DuoDrive integrated gear unit/motor, IE5+ synchronous motors, and NORDAC ON/ON+ variable frequency drives are specifically engineered for conveyor systems and deliver a higher level of efficiency, reliability, and cost savings. Highlights include:

The DuoDrive combines an ultra-premium efficiency IE5+ motor with a single-stage helical gear unit all in one, compact, UNICASETM housing that saves on installation space. These drives offer 0.5 – 2 hp and are especially suited to the airport industry thanks to the optimized system efficiency, high power density, and very low noise emissions. Their simple Plug-&-Play capability allows for fast commissioning and maintenance reduction.

NORDAC ON VFDs were developed to meet the special requirements of conveyor technology and for interaction with the new IE5+ synchronous motors (NORDAC ON+). These compact, decentralized VFDs can be wall or motor mounted and can operate both asynchronous and synchronous motors. Simple parameterization tools allow the VFD to intelligently control speeds, ensure exact positioning with high dynamics, and control conveyor systems section by section, resulting in smooth operation with fewer backups. An integrated Ethernet interface, full Plug-&-Play capabilities, and integrated PLC functionality work to reduce variants in a system and provide an economic solution for IloT environments.

NORD’s IE5+ synchronous motors deliver 0.5 – 5 hp and feature a compact, ventilated design for temperature control and a high overload capacity to meet the demanding needs of baggage handling systems. A motor integrated encoder comes standard and optional integrated mechanical brakes provide further control of more demanding applications such as inclined conveyors. These motors also feature a quiet, fan-less design, making them suitable to acoustically sensitive areas such as check-in or baggage reclaim.

The LogiDrive solution from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS works to reduce the planning and commissioning effort by providing a system that is energy efficient, flexible, service friendly, and supports a wide range of speeds. This system maintains efficiency levels even with partial loads and low speeds, making it especially effective for high-volume baggage systems and other conveyor systems.

Two-stage helical bevel gear units deliver 0.16 - 12.5 hp in a modular, compact design. An open housing design made from low-weight, high-strength aluminum alloy provides high axial and radial load capabilities while effectively dissipating heat to prevent the gearbox from overheating. These units are available with foot, flange, or face mounting and feature flexible input and output options, making them highly versatile to different applications and environments.

The NORDAC PRO is a universal frequency drive suitable for a wide range of applications. These VFDs utilize the latest technology to provide exceptional connectivity and effortless installation. Easy operation is achieved via an integrated multi-protocol Ethernet interface, optional Bluetooth interface, and a SD memory card for storage space as well as transfer of parameters, firmware, and operating data. Additionally, if power is disconnected from the drive, users are still able to access parameterization through a convenient USB interface. Safe operation is also addressed in the frequency drives with multiple safety functions including STO and SS1. With PLC functionality, POSICON integrated position mode, and synchronous operation, NORDAC PRO variable frequency drives keep baggage handling systems running efficiently.


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